Department of Biomedical Engineering Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The faculty, staff, and students comprising the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Penn State are dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion in biomedical engineering and beyond to every facet of education, research, and life. Our goal, in alignment with the College of Engineering’s Engineering Equity Initiative, the National Institutes of Health and the Biomedical Engineering Society, is to bring together the brightest minds, with a variety of experiences and backgrounds, to advance biomedical engineering to benefit all.

As a department, we:

  • Recognize that inequalities and bias are embedded in all structures and systems including academic institutions
  • Commit to cultivating a climate of dignity and justice
  • Identify and eliminate barriers that inhibit diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Are aware that this is an ongoing process and will continually work towards learning from experts to discuss how to become and actively create a community free of discrimination in all its forms

We expect our faculty, trainees, postdocs, staff, and administrators to:

  • Apply equitable principles and procedures within the classroom and research environment
  • Recognize the value that diverse perspectives bring to solving challenging problems
  • Acknowledge and work to provide support to those who have unique challenges, needs, abilities, interests, and strengths to succeed
  • Respond with dignity and respect to all persons

We develop and support students who:

  • Embrace the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their coursework and research, as well as in their lives
  • Are committed to social responsibility and accountability, justice, and a more equitable world
  • Use their education and training to be responsible and ethical advocates for the betterment of others


The Department of Biomedical Engineering administers the bachelor of science, master of science, and doctorate degree programs in biomedical engineering. Our work combines traditional engineering principles with medicine and technology for the betterment of human health and society. 

Department of Biomedical Engineering

122 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-4400

Phone: 814-863-6614