Seminar Schedule

BME 590: Biomedical Engineering Colloquium

Spring 2024 Schedule

Week 1, January 11

Speaker: Vikas Kannojiya, Ph.D.
Institution: Penn State 
Talk Title: Understanding adhesive behavior of blood clots in cardiovascular devices
Format: In-person

Week 2, January 18

Speaker: Susan Shea, Ph.D.
Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Talk Title: Flow-Based Assays for Trauma and Transfusion Medicine Applications
Formal: In-Person

Week 3, January 25

Speaker: Ayusman Sen, Ph.D.
Institution: Penn State
Talk Title: Enzyme Motors and Pumps: From Transport to Collective Behavior
Format: In-Person

Week 4, February 1

Speaker: Chris Haggerty, Ph.D.
Institution: New York Presbyterian Hospital
Talk Title: Deep Learning from Clinical Data: Toward Precision Cardiology
Format: In-Person

Week 5, February 8

Speaker: Sara Molinari, Ph.D.
Institution: University of Maryland
Talk Title: De Novo Engineered Living Materials from Bacteria
Format: In-person

Week 6, February 15

Speaker: Zhoulyu Rao, Ph.D. and Jerry Contreras, Pd.D.
Institution: Penn State
Talk Title: TBD
Format: In-person

Week 7, February 22

Speaker: Boyang Su, Ph.D. and Scott Leighow, Ph.D.
Institution: Penn State
Talk Title: TBD
Format: In-Person

Week 8, February 29

Speaker: Prateek Grover, Ph.D.
Institution: Penn State College of Medicine
Talk Title: TBD
Format: In-Person 

Week 9, Spring Break

Week 10, March 14

Speaker: Maribel Vazquez, Ph.D.
Institution: Rutgers University
Talk Title: TBD
Format: In-Person

Week 11, March 21

Speaker: Melissa Grunlan, Ph.D.
Institution: Texas A&M University
Talk Title: Amphiphilic Silicones with Modern Utility for Medical Devices
Format: In-Person

Week 12, March 28

Speaker: Alejandro Roldan-Alzate, Ph.D.
Institution: University of Wisconsin
Talk Title: MRI-Based Computational Modeling for Patient Specific Fluid Dynamic
Format: In-Person

Week 13, April 4

No Speaker

Week 14, April 11

Speaker: James Weiland, Ph.D
Institution: Michigan University
Talk Title: TBD
Format: In-Person

Week 15, April 18

Speaker: Michael Madigan, Ph.D.
Institution: Virginia Tech
Talk Title: TBD
Format: In-Person

Week 16, April 25

Speaker: Alison Marsden, Ph.D.
Institution: Stanford
Talk Title: TBD
Format: In-Person
Location: 125 Reber

Time and Location:

  • Thursday: 12:05 p.m. - 1:20 p.m.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all in-person BME seminarrs are in CBEB 001.
  • Please email Ariel Christine,, with any questions.



The Department of Biomedical Engineering administers the bachelor of science, master of science, and doctorate degree programs in biomedical engineering. Our work combines traditional engineering principles with medicine and technology for the betterment of human health and society. 

Department of Biomedical Engineering

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