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Nina Lauharatanahirun

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health


  • Biomedical Engineering
  • College of Health and Human Development
  • Center for Neural Engineering

531 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building


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  • BA, Psychology, Cailfornia State University, Northridge, 2009
  • MS, Neuroscience & Biological Psychology, Virginia Tech, 2013
  • PhD, Neuroscience & Biological Psychology, Virginia Tech, 2017


Journal Articles

Conference Proceedings

  • Katia Sycara, Dana Hughes, Huao Li, Michael Lewis and Nina Lauharatanahirun, 2020, "Adaptation in human-autonomy teamwork", pp. 1--4
  • Heather Roy, Nina Lauharatanahirun, Matthew Cieslak, Nick Wasylyshyn, Steven Tompson, Scott Grafton, Javier Garcia and Jean Vettel, 2019, "Personality and chronotype traits are associated with task-specific brain network dynamics", 56, pp. S110--S110
  • Nina Lauharatanahirun, Javier Garcia, Nick Wasylyshyn, Heather Roy, Matthew O'Donnell, Nicole Cooper, Alexandra Paul, Robert Fernandez, Tony Johnson, Jason Metcalfe and others, 2018, "Social risk sensitivity in decision making is linked to social network structure and inter-brain similarity", 55, pp. S40--S40
  • Jean M Vettel, Nina Lauharatanahirun, Nick Wasylyshyn, Heather Roy, Robert Fernandez, Nicole Cooper, Alexandra Paul, Matthew Brook O’Donnell, Tony Johnson, Jason Metcalfe and others, 2018, "Translating driving research from simulation to interstate driving with realistic traffic and passenger interactions", pp. 126--138


  • Nina Lauharatanahirun, 2017, "Neuroeconomic Predictors of Adolescent Risky Decision-Making"
  • Nina Lauharatanahirun, 2013, "The Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms of Social and Non-Social Risky Decision-Making"

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The Department of Biomedical Engineering administers the bachelor of science, master of science, and doctorate degree programs in biomedical engineering. Our work combines traditional engineering principles with medicine and technology for the betterment of human health and society. 

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