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Nikki Beloate

Assistant Research Professor


  • Biomedical Engineering

W302 Millennium Science Complex





  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2010
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Neuroscience, University of Mississippi Medical Center, 2016


Journal Articles

  • Kuiper B Lindsey and Lauren N Beloate, 2019, "Drug-taking in a socio-sexual context enhances vulnerability for addiction in male rats", Neuropsychopharmacology, 44, (3)
  • Lauren N Beloate and Lique M Coolen, 2017, "Influences of social reward experience on behavioral responses to drugs of abuse: Review of shared and divergent neural plasticity mechanisms for sexual reward and drugs of abuse.", Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 83, pp. 356-372
  • Lauren N Beloate, 2016, "Ventral tegmental area dopamine cell activation during male rat sexual behavior regulates neuroplasticity and d-Amphetamine cross-sensitization following sexual abstinence", Journal of Neuroscience, 36, (38), pp. 9949-9961
  • Lauren N Beloate, 2015, "Nucleus accumbens NMDA receptor activation regulates amphetamine cross-sensitization and deltaFosB expression following sexual experience in male rats", Neuropharmacology, 101, pp. 154-164
  • Rusty Nall and Lauren N Beloate, , "Assessing Combined Effects of Varenicline and N-acetylcysteine on Reducing Nicotine Seeking in Rats", Addiction Biology

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