Xiao Liu joins the Department of Biomedical Engineering


Xiao Liu joins the Department of Biomedical Engineering this semester as an assistant professor.

Prior to joining the department, Liu was a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, with a specialization in neuroimaging. 

Liu’s research interests lie in combining multi-modal neuroimaging techniques and computational approaches to investigate the functional connectivity and dynamics of the brain, particularly their changes under distinct brain conditions such as different states of consciousness and various brain diseases.  

Recently, he was awarded the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Pathway to Independent (K99/R00) Award for his work in the investigation of the neural basis of resting-state function connectivity.

Liu earned a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in mechanics from Beijing University in 2002 and a Master of Engineering Degree in biomedical engineering from the same university in 2005. In 2010, he earned both a Master of Science Degree in statistics and Doctor of Philosophy degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Minnesota. 

At Penn State, Liu will lead the Multimodal and Computational Neuroimaging Laboratory. He is looking forward to accelerating basic and clinical brain research by developing and integrating multimodal neuroimaging techniques and computational methods to dissect function-related features in healthy and diseased brain signals.


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Xiao Liu
Xiao Liu



The Department of Biomedical Engineering administers the undergraduate major in biomedical engineering, and is a part of the university-wide Intercollege Graduate Degree Program, offering both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Bioengineering. Our work combines traditional engineering principles with medicine and technology for the betterment of human health and society. 

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