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Science Advances. Hui’s SLIPS-LAB is published in Science Advances.  In this work, we report a biologically inspired diagnostic system for kidney stone metabolic workup. 


PNAS. Hui's rapid AST study is published in PNAS. In this work, Hui demonstrates a single cell AST system that rapidly determines the existence of bacteria, classifies major classes of bacteria, detects polymicrobial samples, and identifies antimicrobial susceptibility directly from clinical samples. Congrats!


Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry. Dr. Wong is admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. FRSC status applies to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the chemical sciences.  This is the third fellow honor Dr. Wong received, in addition to the SLAS and AIMBE.


MicroTAS Keynote Speaker. Dr. Wong is a keynote speaker of MicroTAS 2018. The MicroTAS conference is a premier forum for reporting research results in technologies for life science and chemistry. The 2018 MicroTAS conference is in Kaohsiung Taiwan.


Best Poster Award in American Urological Association

Yuan Xiao and Yi Li won the "Best of Session Poster" award at the 2016 American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Convention in San Diego, CA.  May 2016


CM Ho Best Paper Award in Micro/Nano Fluidics.  Luyi's work on "Long-Range Electrokinetic Fluid Motion for Rapid Pathogen Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing" received the CM HO Best Paper Award in Micro/Nano Fluidics in the IEEE NEMS 2016 conference.  April 2016


Reza’s work is published in Nature Communications

Reza's work on the regulation of leader cell formation via Notch1-Dll4 signaling is accepted to Nature Communications. In this work, Reza, along with Sun Jian and Shue, demonstrated the formation of leader cell is dynamically regulated by intercellular stress and Notch1-Dll4 lateral inhibition. Great job everyone!   





Systematic Bioengineering Laboratory


The Systematic Bioengineering Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University works on novel biomaterials and biomedical devices for targeting the collective invasion of cancer and rapid infectious disease diagnostics.



Featured Publications


H. Li, E. Shkolyar, J. Wang, S. Conti, A. C. Pao, J. C. Liao, T.-S. Wong and P. K. Wong, “SLIPS-LAB—A bioinspired bioanalysis system for metabolic evaluation of urinary stone disease”, Science Advances 6, eaba8535, 2020. Link


H. Li, P. Torab, P. K. Wong, “Detection of bacterial infection via a fidget spinner”, Nature Biomedical Engineering 4, 577–578, 2020.  Link


H. Li, P. Torab, K. E. Mach, C. Surrette, M. R. England, D. W. Craft, N. J. Thomas, J. C. Liao, C. Puleo, and P. K. Wong, “Adaptable microfluidic system for single-cell pathogen classification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Link


R. Riahi, J. Sun, S. Wang, M. Long, D. D. Zhang, and P. K. Wong, “Notch1-Dll4 signaling and mechanical force regulate leader cell formation during collective cell migration” Nature Communications 6, 6556, 2015. Link


S. Wang, R. Riahi, N. Li, D. D. Zhang, and P. K. Wong, "Single Cell Nanobiosensors for Dynamic Gene Expression Profiling in Native Tissue Microenvironments", Advanced Materials 27, 6034-6038, 2015. Link


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