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Congratulation to Jessica Smith, Maria Hudock for winning 2018 Erickson Discovery Grants and Sarah Knappman for winning COE REU summer research grant.


Gloria Kim's citrate chemical and mechanical regulation on nerve regeneration paper was accepted by "Biomaterials".


News reports on our biodegradable optical fiber work in "Biomaterials". PSU news; BIG 10 news;


Congratulation to Gloria Kim who has successfully defended her PhD dissertation.


Congratulation to the following students.

Graduate students, Dingying Shan, Chuying Ma both received CAB-BM Young Investigator Merit Award at the 254th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting held in Washing DC. They both presented at the ACS Symposium of Biomaterials Science and Translational Medicine.

Graduate student, Qiyao Li recieved Best Poster Award at the 254th American Chemical Society National Meeting. (only 3 poster awards out of nearly 200 posters)

Summer REU student, Kelly Miller won the first place in the poster competition out of 65 posters of the PSU Multi-Campus REU program.


Congratulation to Jimin Kim to receive Leighton Riess Graduate Fellowship in Engineering.


Yang laboratory has published 100 papers (92 journal articles and 8 book chapters) as of 3/3/2017. Many thanks to all our collaborators, current and past students and postdocs.


Congratulations to Julianne Baker and Hui Xu on their new co-op jobs!

Julianne Baker, a junior in biomedical engineering with a minor in engineering leadership development and Hui Xu, a senior in biomedical engineering, will be participating in co-ops at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson, starting in January 2017. Julianne joined the lab in May 2016 and Hui joined the lab in January 2016. Both will be able to apply their technical skills and conceptual knowledge to real industry situations. Congratulations again!

Also, congratulations to undergraduate students, Ye Zhu and William Tz-Je Su on receiving PSU College of Engineering Research Initiative (CERI) awards to work in TBBL in Spring 2017.


In collaboration with Prof. Cheng Dong, the immune-cell mediated cancer drug delivery work was accepted by Small. PSU News, NSF weekly banner and highlight


Congratulation to Jimin Kim whose sweat chloride sensing paper was just accepted by "Chemical Science". News: PSU News; Science Daily,, Futurity (Image of the day). NIBIB news.


TBBL is proud of supporting all our undergraduate student researchers.

Congratulations to Demetrius Harris for winning "2016 Undergraduate Exhibition Award" the third place in Engineering.

Congratulations to John Fadel for having been selected for PPG Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Summer 2016.

Congratulations to Samantha Kirk for having been selected for the summer 2016 Erickson Discovery Grant.

Congratulations to Brady Goulden for his $1000 award from Office of Science Engagement at PSU.


Scaffold degradation modeling work was featured on IE Magzine. Congratulation to collaborators Dr. Li Zeng at Texas A&M and Dr. Xinwei Deng at Virginia Tech.


Congratulation to Jinshan and all co-authors, the work on antibacterial and antifungal bioglue was accepted by Biomaterials.


Dr. Jian Yang was elected to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of Fellows Class of 2016. Congratulations. News release (01/25/16)


Congratulation to Kevin Rahn and Demetrius Harris for being selected to receive a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) award through the College of Engineering Research Initiative (CERI) for the spring term of 2016.


"Fluorescence imaging enabled poly(Lactide-co-glycolide)" was accepted by Acta Biomaterialia.


"Designing Next-Generation Biomaterials". Dr Yang on QMed News.


Wecome Qiyao Li joining our group to pursue her PhD.


Dr. Yang is promoted to the rank of professor, effective July 1, 2015.


Congratulations to Demetrius Harris on receiving 2015 the Committee on Institutional Cooperation Summer Research Opportunity Program (CIC-SROP) fellowship.


Congratulations to Sara Orr on her receiving 2015 Erickson Discovery Grant for undergraduate researchers.


Congratulations to Samantha Kirk on her receiving 2015 PPG Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Materials.


Yixue's review on circulating cell-mediated drug delivery was accepted by "ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering". Nice job.


Congratulations to Gloria on her winning Penn State Student Leadership Award!


The manuscript titled "Development of Injectable Citrate-based Bioadhesive Bone Implants" was accepted by " Journal of Materials Chemistry B".


The manuscript titled "Citric Acid-based Hydroxyapatite Composites Scaffolds Enhance Calvarial Regeneration" was accepted by "Scientific Reports".


Huck news report: "Novel chemistry turns conventional polymers into biomedical supermaterials".


The collaborative work with Prof. Kytai Nguyen titled "In-situ reendothelialization via multifunctional nano-scaffolds" was accepted by ACS Nano.


Congratulations to Sara Orr and Madeline Ferraro on winning College of Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) grants for Fall 14 and Spring 15.


"Anti-microbial evaluation on citrate polymers" paper was featured on Frontiers Publisher website hompage.


Congratulations to Spencer Seipt, Carina Chu, Samuel Vilchez, Bardi Jahanshahi, Grace Warkulwiz on receiving their College of Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Grant for Summer 2014.


Dr. Yang was appointed as an Associate Editor for "Frontiers in Biomaterials".


Congratulations to Zack. His paper titled "Development of Intrinsically Photoluminescent and Photostable Polylactones" was accepted by "Advanced Materials".


The article titled "Design strategies for fluorescent biodegradable polymeric biomaterials" has been selected as a Most Accessed Manuscript for 2013 for the Journal of Materials Chemistry B.


Yang lab on news. Link 1, Link 2


Welcome undergraduate students, Spencer Seipt, Madeline Annabele Ferraro, John Fadel joining TBBL.


Together with Dr. Kytai Nguyen at UTA, Dr. Yang received a multi-PI NIH/NHLBI grant to develop nanoscaffolds for in situ endothelium regeneration.


Together with Dr. JT Hsieh at UTSW, Dr. Yang received a multi-PI NIH/NCI grant to develop nanotechnology for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Congratulations to Jinshan. The paper titled "Click chemistry plays a dual role in biodegradble polymer design" was accepted by "Advanced Materials".


Congratulations to Richard and all collaborators, the paper titled "Fabrication and characterization of biomimetic multichanneled crosslinked-urethane doped polyester nerve guides" was accepted by "JBMR A".


Welcome new graduate students, Tony, Dingying, Yixue joining TBBL.


Congratulation to Richard, Liang, and Chang. The paper titiled "Synthesis and Characterization of Biomimetic Citrate-Based Biodegradable Composites" was accepted by "JBMR A".


Dr. Yang was invited to attend a NSF-sponsored "Advanced Biomanufacturing" workshop.


Congratulation to Zhiwei. His paper titiled "Dual Growth Factor Releasing Multi-functional Nanofibers for Wound Healing" was accepted by "Acta Biomaterialia ".


Congratulation to Dipendra Gyawali. His paper on "Fluorescence Imaging Enabled Biodegradable Photostable Polymeric Micelles" was accepted by "Advanced Healthcare Materials".


iCMBA (adhesive biomaterials) reported by "Project Design", a Japanese business magazine.


Dr. Yang receives an NSF grant through a collaboration with Dr. Li Zeng at UTA. This grant supports quality profiling study on tissue engineering scaffold fabrication.


Dr. Yang serves on the editorial board for "Journal of Analytical & Molecular Techniques".


Congratulation to Yi. His paper on fluorescence imaging enabled urethane-doped citrate-based biodegradable elastomers was accepted by "Biomaterials".


"Mussel Compound Adds Muscle to Surgical Bioadhesives", a news report from Materials Research Society (MRS).


Bioadhesive study on the PSU news.


Welcome Tony Bunce and Surge Kalaba joining our lab.


The paper on injectable PEGMC/HA orthopedic composites was highlighted on "Biomaterial Science Blog"


Congratulation to Reza. His paper entitled "Design Strategies and Applications of Tissue Bioadhesives" was accepted by "Macromolecular Bioscience".


Congratulation to Yi Zhang. His paper entitled "Design strategies for fluorescent biodegradable polymeric biomaterials" was accepted by "Journal of Materials Chemistry B".


Congratulation to Reza. His paper regarding "Injectable biodegradable adhesive polymers for sutureless wound closure" is available online for "Biomaterials".


We announce the birth of Tranformative Biomaterials and Biotechnology Laboratory (TBBL) at The Penn State University.


Author interview by the journal "Gastrointestinal Endoscopy" was shown online.


Congratulation to Dipendra, Parvathi and collaborator Dr. Kim. The paper titled "Citrate-based Biodegradable Injectable hydrogel Composites for Orthopedic Application" was accepted by a RSC journal "Biomaterials Science".


Congratulation. Graduate student Reza Mehdizadeh received two awards: excellence in abstract writing for best abstract from ACES and academic excellence award from MSE department.


Congratulation to Aniket Wadajkar for his paper entitled "Dual Imaging Enabled Cancer Targeting Nanoparticles" accepted by "Advanced Healthcare Materials".


Dr. Kytai Nguyen and Dr. Jian Yang are getting a grant from Cancer Research Foundation of North Texas. Congratulations!


UTA Maverick College Park grand opening. (Video on Youtube). Yang group research is featured on the video.


Congratulation to Richard Tran, Michael Palmer, and collaborator Drs. Shou-Jiang Tang and Thomas Abell.. The EMR solution paper was accepted by a leading medical journal in endoscopy, "Gastrointestinal Endoscopy".


Congratulation to a former high school summer intern, Diane Manry for her paper accepted by "Journal of High School Research". Also congratulation to high school student mentor, Dipen Gyawali.


Congratulation to Richard Tran for successfully defending his PhD dissertation.


Rheology study on injectable PEGMC/HA composites was accepted by "Soft Matter".


The new NaCl porogen paper was accepted by Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry. Congratulations to Richard Tran.


Dr. Yang received a R01 grant from NIH/NIBIB. News on 01/04/12


Congratulation to Jagannath and Richard. The work on CUPE synthesis and in vivo evaluation was accepted by "Macromolecular Materials & Engineering".


Michael Palmer recevied an award for his oral presentation in 27th Southern Biomedical Engineerong Conference (SBEC).


Upcoming seminars: Dr. Yang will give talks at UT Dallas (05/06/11) and Biomaterials Day of Society for Biomaterials at Texas A&M (05/16/11).


Interview on research in Yang lab. (Interview video included)


Dr. Yang received formal approval for his tenure and promotion to Associate Professor to be effective on 09/01/2011.


Dr. Yang received "2011 Outstanding Young Faculty Member Award" from College of Engineering, UTA.


Dr. Yang joins editioral board of "Journal of Microbial and Biochemical Technology".


Congratulation to Richard Tran on his winning "Potwin Outstanding Bioengineering Student" award.


Congratulation to Richard Tran on his winning "University Scholar" award. The University created this award to formally recognize the top one percent of the student body who exemplify academic excellence.


Dr. Yang was selected to receive High Impact/High Risk Research Award from Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). Dr Kytai Nguyen is the Co-PI of this award. This is the first time that UTA researchers receive CPRIT grant. Congratulation!


Upcoming seminars: Dr. Yang will give seminars at Southwest Research Institute (10/12/10), Northwestern University Biomedical Engineering Department (10/21/2010), and Hong Kong BME2010 conference (11/03/10, Keynote Speaker).


Yang lab research reported by UTArlington Magazine.


Congratulations to Dipen Gyawali. His paper on developing injectable biomaterials for cell delivery was accepted by a leading journal "Biomaterials".


Congratulations to collaborator Dr Liping Tang, blood vessel tissue engineering project received funding supports from American Heart Association. News Release!

Congratulations to collaborator Dr Kytai Nguyen, wound dressing project received funding supports from Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Norman Hackerman Advanced Research Program.


Congratulations to Parvathi Nair and Shengyuan Zhou for successfully defending their MS thesis.


Yang lab high school outreach on the news.
FW Star-Telegram report
The Star-Telegram story was the lead feature for Higher Education in the American Society for Engineering Education’s “First Bell” e-newsletter (July 22nd)


Congratulations to Elsa Cigainero (Junior in Biology) and Ibrahim Qattan (Freshman in Biology) for receiving Summer Research Internship from College of Engineering


Dr Yang received National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award. Congratulations! News Release.


Congratulation to Jagannath Dey for his paper on CUPE vascular scaffold accepted by Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A.


Congratulation to Richard Tran, his article on dual- crosslinking elastomer was accepted by Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Journal "Soft Matter".

02/22/2010 Congratulation to Richard Tran, his article titled "Scaffold Sheet Design Strategy for Soft Tissue Engineering" was accepted by "Materials".
10/22/2009 Congratulation to Dipen Gyawali and Richard Tran Their paper titled "Citric acid derived photocrosslinked biodegradable elastomers" was accepted by "Journal of Biomaterials Science: Polymer edition".
9/15/2009 "Creating a healthy glow". Research news on "Biophotonics" Magazine.
8/17/2009 PNAS paper featured on American Chemical Society (ACS) "Noteworthy Chemistry".
7/29/2009 Dr Yang receives funding from NIH/NIBIB for his biomaterial research.
6/30/2009 Research on The Shorthorn News
6/25/2009 Research on Biodegradable fluorescent polymers was highlighted in "In this Issue" of PNAS
6/9/2009 and 6/16/2009 Dr Yang gave a presentation and lab tours to Summer Bridge Camp and Access Camp high school students (9th -12th graders). See Pictures.
6/9/2009 Press Release on PNAS paper by UTA College of Engineering.
News release by PNAS (English Version, Chinese Version at Eurek Alert)
4/30/2009 Congratulation! Our manuscript regarding the development of biodegradable photoluminescent polymers was just accepted by prestigious "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America (PNAS)". Congratulation to all contributors.
1/7/2009 Dr Yang gave a talk at 27th Scientific Conference of SPRBM held at Oahu, Hawaii. The title of the talk was "Novel aliphatic biodegradable photoluminescent polymers".
11/14/2008 Dr Yang gave a talk at Johns Hopkins University (MSE). The title of the talk was "Novel biodegradable polymers for tissue engineering and bioimaging".
10/22/2008  - Dr Yang gave a talk at UTSW Cancer Imaging Program. The title of the talk was "Development of functional biodegradable biomaterials for tissue engineering, drug delivery and bioimaging -- our recent progress".
8/17/2008 Congratulation! The manuscript submitted to "Biomaterials" was accepted. The title of the paper is "Development of biodegradable crosslinked urethane-doped polyester elastomers". Congratulation to Jagannath Dey.
7/24/2008 Dr. Yang attended 16th International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology held at Pittsburgh. The title of his talk is "Novel biodegradable elastomers and scaffold-sheet tissue engineering".
04/12/2007 Congratulation to Paul Thevenot and Dr Liping Tang for publishing at Tissue Engineering Part A.
6/30/2008  - Congratulations! Dr Yang was awarded a joint venture grant by UTSW-UTA Collaborative Research Program. This work is in collaboration with Drs Shiakolas(UTA), Brilakis and Banerjee (UTSW).
5/20/2008  - Dr Yang was invited as a guest speaker at Microtrac Seminar held at Fort Worth, TX. The title of the presentation was "Biodegradable elastomers for tissue engineering and drug delivery".
5/7/2008  - Yang group filed a provisional patent on developing a novel biodegradable injectable elastomer for soft tissue applications. Student contributors: Dipendra Gyawali and Richard Tran.
3/03/2008 Congratulation to Jagannath Dey to win the "Potvin Outstanding Student Award".
10/04/2007 Yang research group filed a patent titled "bio-polymer and scaffold-sheet method for tissue engineering". Congratulations to the student contributor: Jagannath Dey.
08/05/2007 Dr.Yang is invited to speak at CIE-DFW convention on Aug. 25.
07/31/2007  - Research on the news
05/25/2007 Congratulations! Dr Yang received grant from American Heart Association (AHA)
05/24/2007 Welcome Richard Tran, Santosh Gautam to join our research group.
05/17/2007 Dr Yang is invited as a review panel memeber for a NIH study section.
04/12/2007 Congratulations! Dr Yang was awarded a UTA Research Enhancement Program Grant.
03/20/2007  - Congratulations! Dr Yang was awarded a joint venture grant by UTSW-UTA Collaborative Research Program. This work is in collaboration with Drs Shiakolas(UTA), Brilakis and Banerjee (UTSW).
02/18/2007  - We are glad to announce the birth of our lab website
02/10/2007  - Dr Yang was invited as a NIH/NIBIB study section member

Position openning

PhD candidates: We are currently seeking for highly self-motivated and intelligent PhD students to work on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering projects. Students who have a strong background in any of the following disciplines: bioengineering, chemical engineering, material science engineering, chemistry, biology are all welcome to apply our joint bioengineering program.  

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