BME 446- Polymers in Biomedical Engineering

Interests in polymeric biomaterials for biomedical use, especially in regenerative medicine, have increased dramatically during the past decade. Polymeric materials include synthetic polymers, natural polymers (polysaccharide, protein, lipid, DNA, acellular tissues), micro-/nano-composite polymers, and biologically oriented synthetic polymers. The course will provide students with a solid foundation in polymeric biomaterial design, synthesis, characterization, process, and applications. The topics include polymeric biomaterials design, surface-engineering of polymeric biomaterials, functionalization of polymeric biomaterials, characterization of polymeric biomaterials, micro- and nano-fabrication of polymeric biomaterials, cell/tissue-polymeric biomaterial interactions, and the biomedical applications of polymeric biomaterials in cardiovascular, neural, musculoskeletal engineering, orthopaedic device, drug delivery, and gene therapy. This course is open to students from all departments in college of engineering and college of science. Students will be given a shot-term project in Dr. Yang's lab to obtain hands-on experience in biomaterial preparation.


BIOE 518 Organic Nanobiomaterials

The objective of this course is to provide engineering students with an in-depth description of the synthesis, fabrication, properties, and biomedical applications of nanobiomaterials. Topics include: introduction of biomaterials, introduction of nanobiomaterials, synthetic nanobiomaterials, biological nanobiomaterials (DNA nanomaterials, protein and peptide nanomaterials, etc), biofunctionalization of nanobiomaterials, use of nanobiomaterials in tissue engineering, drug delivery, gene delivery, cancer therapy, and bioimaging. Key advances from the recent literatures will be reviewed to supplement specific lecture topics.

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