We seek to fill multiple Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Assistant positions to study the brain function using animal models by combining fMRI, electrophysiology, behavioral and optogenetic approaches. Candidates with expertise in electrophysiology, small animal fMRI, behavioral tests, stereotaxic surgery and/or neuroimaging data analysis are preferred. Candidates with expertise in calcium-based fiber photometry or miniscope imaging are strong encouraged to apply. Send your application to: Nanyin Zhang Ph.D, Hartz Family Professor, Email: nuz2@psu.edu


 October 28, 2017, Pablo, Zhiwei and Chrissy's paper (title: Acute effects of vortioxetine and duloxetine on resting-state 
functional connectivity in the awake rat) has been accepted by Neuropharmacology. Congrats to Pablo, Zhiwei and Chrissy!

 July 3, 2017, Zhifeng's paper (title: Simultaneous GCaMP6-based fiber photometry and fMRI in rats) has been accepted 
by Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Congrats to Zhifeng and Yuncong. 

 June 13, 2017, Zhiwei's paper (title: Cross-population Myelination Covariance of Human. Human Brain Mapping) has been 
accepted by Human Brain Mapping. Congrats to Zhiwei. 

 May 8, 2017, Zhiwei has passed his final defense. We now have Dr. Zhiwei Ma. 

 May 5, 2017, Nanyin has been promoted to full professor. 

 Feburary 26, 2017, Chrissy and Yuncong's paper (title: Global Reduction of Information Exchange during Anesthetic-Induced 
Unconsciousness) has been accepted by Brain Structure and Function. Congrats to Chrissy and Yuncong.

 November 28, 2016, Our jointed paper with Dr. Drew's lab (title: Time to wake up: Studying neurovascular coupling and 
brain-wide circuit function in the un-anesthetized animal) has been accepted by NeuroImage. Congrats to Yuncong, 
Zhifeng and Lilith! 

 November 15, 2016, Yuncong and Chrissy's paper (title: Dynamic Connectivity Patterns in Conscious and Unconscious Brain) 
has been accepted by Brain Connectivity. Congrats to Yuncong and Chrissy! 

 July 4, 2016, Zhiwei's paper (title: Functional atlas of the awake rat brain: a neuroimaging study of rat brain specialization 
and integration) has been accepted by NeuorImage. Congratulations to Zhiwei, Pablo, Zilu, Yikang, Chrissy and Zhifeng! 

 April 7, 2016, Alison was awarded a summer 2016 Erickson Discovery Grant. Congratulations to Alison! 

 March 31, 2016, Alison was awarded the Multi-Campus Research Experience for Undergraduates (MC REU) at the 
University Park campus. Congratulations to Alison! 

 February 26 2016, Zhiwei was selected to receive the Leighton Riess Graduate Fellowship in Engineering for 
the Spring 2016 semester. Congratulations to Zhiwei! 

 February 16, 2016, Yikang passed the bioengineering candidacy exam. 

 September 28, 2015, Nanyin was appointed to Hartz Family Career Development professorship. 

June 23, 2015, Zhiwei's paper (title: Genetic Influences on Resting-state Functional Networks: A Twin Study) was accepted by 
Human Brain Mapping. Congratulations to Zhiwei, Chrissy and Zhifeng! 

June 19, 2015, Yuncong and Zilu passed their bioengineering candidacy exam. 

May 13, 2015. Zhifeng published a first-author paper (title: Mapping the medial prefrontal network by 
combining optogenetics and fMRI in awake rodents) in NeuroImage. 

May 8, 2015. Zhifeng and Pablo received J.Loyd Huck Bio-technology mini grant ($5000 each). 

April 15, 2015. Yucong received Graduate Travel Grant awarded by the Penn State University Office of Global Programs.  

Feb 16, 2015. Chrissy, Yuncong and Zhifeng received the travel award of the 23rd Annual Conference of the Society of 
the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 

Jan 12, 2015. Welcome Yikang Liu and Jake Ruddy to our lab. 

October 30, 2014. The Neuroscience Society Lab Tour 

October 4, 2014. Zhifeng's paper (title: Dynamic Resting State Functional Connectivity in Awake and Anesthetized Rodents) 
was accepted by NeuroImage.

August 25, 2014. Zhifeng's paper (title: Neuroplasticity to a single-episode traumatic stress revealed by resting-state 
fMRI in awake rats) was accepted by NeuroImage.

June 20, 2014. Nanyin was invited to join the Editorial Board of NeuroImage. 

March 29, 2014. Zhifeng won the Best Posters Award at PSU Neuroscience Retreat.