Dr. Xiaojun Lance Lian

University of Wisconsin-Madison (2012)
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Harvard University (2013) 
Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
Karolinska Institute (2015)
Cell and Molecular Biology


The Nittany Lians

Michael Ream

PhD Student

Yuqian Jiang

PhD Student

Alessandro Howells

PhD Student

Tahir Haideri

PhD Student

Xuyue Qiu

Masters Student

Majeed Iyoun

Masters Student

Yuqian Jiang is a fifth year PhD student focusing on pancreatic beta cell differentiation. She is using a variety of approaches to obtain efficient yields of human beta cells from hPSCs for diabetes therapy. She is also working on understanding cardiac muscle development by identifying early progenitor markers. In her spare time, Yuqian likes to draw and cook. 

Alessandro Howells is a first year PhD student in the lab. He will be working with Lauren on genetically engineering universal donor hPSCs for cardiomyocyte tissue engeineering strategies. Outside of the lab, Alessandro enjoys jogging, going to the gym, playing guitar, and videogames.

Tahir Haideri is a first year PhD student in the lab. He will be working on methods for genetically engineering stem cells for therapeutic applications in cardiac tissue engineering. Outside of the lab, Tahir spends his time playing immersive strategy games, hiking, and living life as an avid cinephile.

Xuyue Qiu is a first year masters student in the lab. Xuyue will be working on modifying Cas9 for gene editing. 

Majeed Iyoun is a one year masters student who will be working on CRISPR mediated gene activation in stem cells. In his spare time, he tutors for a startup company, cooks, and trains jiu-jitsu.

Undergraduate Students

Rachel Hoenisch
Ryan Smith


PhD Students

Lauren Randolph

Master's Students

Evan Witmer

Tzu Ting Lin

Agamoni Bhattacharyya

Visiting Scholars

Chuanxin Chen

Undergraudate Students

Timothy Habeeb (18-21) | Michael Oddo (16-17 Schreyer Honors College) | Cathy Lu (16-17) | Brandon Kotlyarsky (16-17) | Ramisa Fariha (16-17) | Yian Khai Lau (16-17) | Qi Lin (16-17) | Rachel Lee (17-18) | Tamara Brown (2017 REU) | Michael Asku (17-19 Schreyer Honors College) | Anika Rimu (18-19) | Youdai Wang (19-20) | Yuhao Zhou (19-20)


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