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Photo of David Geselowitz

David Geselowitz

Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine

Hallowell Building

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-6867




Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1958

Research Interests

Dr. Geselowitz' past research has resulted in a number of major contributions, including demonstration of the significance of high frequency components of the electrocardiogram (ECG); first recording of the derivative of the ECG waveform; first recording of an artificial pacemaker pulse at the skin; the Miller-Geselowitz model of the human electrocardiogram which relates the body surface ECG to cardiac cellular action potentials; the bidomain model of heart muscle which enables bioelectric sources to be related to cellular action potentials; the use of multipoles as an equivalent cardiac generator, including their relation to body surface potentials and cardiac sources; development an algorithm for the single moving dipole representation of the ECG; a theory of impedance plethysmography; the theory of magnetic fields arising from bio-electric sources with applications to magnetocardiography, including simulation of the MCG; the concept of impressed currents to represent bioelectric sources; contributions to the solution of the volume conductor problem, including the effects of inhomogeneities and anisotropy. He has long been active in the development of standards for electrocardiographs and electric safety of medical instrumentation. He was recognized for his contributions by election to the National Academy of Engineering.

Selected Publications

Geselowitz, D. B. On the theory of the electrocardiogram. Proc IEEE 77: 857-876, 1989.

Geselowitz, D.B., "On Bioelectric Potentials in an Inhomogeneous Volume Conductor", Biophysical Journal, 7: 1-11, 1967.

Geselowitz, D.B., "On the Magnetic Field Generated Outside an Inhomogeneous Volume Conductor by Internal Current Sources" IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, MAG 6: 346-347, 1970.

Miller, W.T., III, and D.B. Geselowitz, "Simulation Studies of the Electrocardiogram: I. The Normal Heart", Circulation Research, 43: 301-315, 1978.

Simms, H.D., D.B. Geselowitz, "Computation of Heart Surface Potentials using the Surface Source Model", J. Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, 6:522-531, 1995.

Geselowitz, D.B., J Ferrara, “Is Accurate Recording of the ECG Surface Laplacian Feasible?”, IEEE Trans. BME, BME-46:377-381, 1999.

Geselowitz, D.B., A. Berson, “History of the Development of Standards for Electrocardiographs”, MJ Schalij, editor, Einthoven 2002, The Einthoven Foundation, Leiden, pp 131-136, 2002.

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