Jian Yang Research

Enabling injectable biomimetic wet adhesives for myocardium regeneration


Dr. Yang’s Transformative Biomaterials and Biotechnology Lab (TBBL) focuses on the biomaterial innovations and their applications in tissue engineering, drug delivery, biosensing, and imaging under the support of NIH, NSF, and medical device companies.


The objectives of this project are to develop an injectable mussel-inspired strong wet adhesive to reverse the ischemic cascade by vascularizing infarcted myocardium to promote tissue regeneration.


Undergraduate students will help to develop new bioadhesive biomaterials that can truly adhere and integrate with ischemic tissue for cardiac repair and study the delivery of an ECFCs and MSCs co-culture synergizes vascular network formation.

Data to be Collected

Undergraduate students will synthesize the polymers, characterize the material chemical compositions using NMR, FTIR etc and their mechanical, thermal, and degradation properties. Undergraduate students will also be trained with cell culture techniques to evaluate the cytocompatibility of the materials.


Undergraduate students will help analyze the data they obtained and screen the materials they synthesized based on the required mechanical properties, degradation, cytocompatibility, injectability and angiogenesis to identify the best formulations for cardiac tissue engineering. The impact of this work for undergraduate students is that students will gain precious training in the design and preparation of biomaterials and learn stem cell culture and characterization techniques toward real world medical problems, which is precious for their future career.



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